How Do I Deal With My Adult Acne?

best effective natural treatment for adult acne

Natural acne treatments can help prevent adult acne and the underlying causes of acne breakouts. Adult acne occurs because of skin condition or metabolic imbalances that cause the overproduction of oil or limit the ability for skin to complete the natural rejuvenation process. Natural acne treatments that really work are those that attack one of the sources for acne or treat the symptoms that lead to the worsening of acne conditions.

Adult acne is most common on the face, but can occur on the neck, chest, and back area. Natural acne treatments work on any area of the skin and can cost far less than over-the-counter medications at a drug store. Because all skin reacts differently to treatment, it is just as important to monitor your skin’s reaction to natural treatments as it is with any acne product.

It is normal for any medication or natural treatment to cause a small amount of redness and many cause dry areas of skin. With proper monitoring and moisturizing the area however, these effects rarely cause significant discomfort. Always test acne treatments on a small area of skin if you have never used a specific treatment before.

Adult acne is the worst and more people than ever are dealing with it

Adult acne can develop because of poor skin health or a number of other triggers. Hormone fluctuations near menstruation, menopause, and those that occur during pregnancy affect the skin similarly to puberty. During times of hormone fluctuation, the glands in the skin’s pores produce too much oil, so dead skin cells and the oils become trapped.

This can lead to new acne outbreaks. While it is most common in women, adult acne can affect me as well. Men are more susceptible to infected cystic acne on the back, a type of acne that occurs when P. acnes bacteria develop in large numbers and prompt and immune response. Cystic acne can also develop in women.

What is the best effective natural treatment for adult acne?

The best natural acne treatments for adult are those that prevent new acne from developing. This means that, in order to have healthy skin, you will still need to incorporate skincare into your routine on a regular basis.

No natural acne treatments can replace daily skincare in the form of washing and moisturizing your face. Some natural treatments will help with cleansing and moisturizing, but can’t replace a good routine.

Other natural acne treatments include lemon and honey scrubs that remove dead skin cells and detoxify the pores. Aloe vera can reduce swelling associated with most adult acne so that pores are larger and better able to expel dirt and oils.

Baking soda is a natural acne treatment that is an exfoliator and may reduce skin oils. Aspirin, which is very similar to salicylic acid, can also treat acne if made into a paste with water.

Hydrogen peroxide can be a natural acne treatment for temporary use. Some studies suggest that it can cause skin damage if used for a long period of time. The natural properties of the chemicals found in hydrogen peroxide kill the P. acnes bacteria and reduce oils in the pore.


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